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PDO Threads & Endolift

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PDO Threads

PDO threads also known sugar threads are non-surgical and minimally invasive. There are no incisions, and no scars are visible. Thread lifting is considered a middle ground between surgery and fillers. It is a unique advancement in non-surgical face rejuvenation. PDO Thread Lifts are safe and generally painless, and you can leave the clinic within minutes after the procedure. Thread Lifts may take three to six months for collagen and elastin to rebuild and lift your face.

Endolift PDO


Endolift is a minimally invasive laser that has gained traction and popularity recently due it suburb safety profile while achieving spectacular results in the most difficult areas. Take this scientific article for example. In this study they specifically tried to achieve skin tightness while removing excessive fat found in patients the jowls. 

The conclusion was “The biometric results showed that Endolift laser can increase the thickness, density, and elasticity of the skin in the jowl area. The patients’ satisfaction results showed good and very good improvement in all of the patients (90%). The results by the dermatologist displayed good and very good improvement in about 90% of the patients. The outcomes of this experience displayed that Endolift laser is a safe and effective nonsurgical method for jowl reduction."


The Endolift uses technology that has been proven to have a superior safety profile for more than 3 decades. It melts fat away through its lipolysis function while tightening the skin through its deep tissue stimulation of collagen and elastin in the SMAS plane. This allows the provider to actually mold the face and reverse the signs of aging.

The best part about the Endolift is that it is one treatment!

It can treat the undereye, face, jowls , neck.

It can even be used for body contouring.

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