Accelerated Photoplethysmograph

At Unity Health, we use a cutting-edge cardiovascular testing device called "The Max Pulse." This device is FDA Cleared, non-invasive, Class II medical device. This device uses a proprietary algorithm to detect and interpret arterial pulse waves utilizing a pulse oximeter. 


This pulse wave analysis provides vital information, displayed on easy-to-interpret results sheets, which show a patient's arterial flexibility and autonomic nervous system state.

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Analysis of

Our test can graph the heartbeat as it moves through systolic and diastolic with incredible accuracy, providing a diagnosis quickly.

Vascular Health Analisys

Our test also looks at circulation for large and small arteries and shows an index on the final report, which indicates whether circulation is optimal.

Arterial Health


Our machine performs an analysis of the arterial pulse wave using a sophisticated algorithm to track variations in the graph.

Stress Score

Our machine can measure a person's stress level on a scale of 1 to 100, where one is zero stress and perfect autonomic nervous system function.

Electro Cardiac Stability

Our machine will help you monitor your heart rate in a non-invasive way providing you with a highly reliable report in a short time.


At Unity Health, we use the "Max Pulse," a non-invasive, FDA Cleared, Class II medical device. This device uses a pulse oximeter to detect and interpret the arterial pulse wave using a proprietary algorithm.