Stress is the body's natural response when in fight or flight mode. This is very beneficial under normal circumstances; however, it wreaks havoc on both our mind and body when it is out of balance and overactive. Stress reduction through meditation, exercise, and minimizing precipitating factors are the key to wellness and sometimes hard to manage alone. 

Dr. Gal understands that stress can have a significant impact on the quality of life. This understanding is why he looks for your stress's root cause instead of using the conventional medicine approach, which focuses on balancing neurotransmitters in the brain. Using this approach, Dr. Gal will look for and treat the underlying cause of your stress instead of treating the symptom. Every patient is different; therefore, every treatment should be unique to the patient. However, Dr. Gal has identified the top three factors that seem to contribute to physical stress on the body: 

•    Toxins such as EDC

•    Inflammation

•    Imbalanced Diet

When we think about stress through a functional medicine perspective, we want to consider the underlying causes of stress. Unfortunately, not many conventional doctors, psychologists, or psychiatrists incorporate mind-body and spirit into their practice; however, there is no other way here at Unity Health.