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We have come a long way in understanding Obesity however most Health care providers still believe that being obese is sheerly do to not eating properly. This thinking and approach is obsolete. We know now there are many different variables to the obesity equation.

Did you know that the same person can eat the exact same calories and when spreading the calories into 3 different meal portions vs 1 will cause weight gain. Did you know with this medication we have seen results of 60lbs down in only 4 months? Let’s think about this for a second. If we only eat 1 meal a day compared to 3 meals, then we can actually lose weight verses putting on more weight! How is that possible? When we fast pass 12 hours, we start burning fat as fuel, whereas if we eat 3 meals a day we get 3 different Insulin spikes in a day leading to Insulin Resistance which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Therefore people that Intermittently fast have a much easier time sheading the lbs.

Another factor that is leading to Insulin Resistance and weight gain is the Endocrine Disrupting Compounds. These are toxins in our environment found in plastic bottles, canned food and soda. It is now well known to cause obesity and therefore Mayo clinic has termed these EDC as obesenogens. The most common ones include phthalates and BPA.


Here at Unity health we have many different weight loss options including Semiglutide. Dr Gal is a really big fan of Semiglutide because it fighst and will reverse Insulin resistance. Also, Semiglutide targets fat and not muscle.  As part of our weight loss program, we have incorporated the InBody scan which can show our body fat, muscle, and water weight. That way we can make sure you are losing fat and not muscle mass.

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