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Female Hormones

We as a human species are programed to die. One of the main mechanisms for this accelerated death is through our hormones. As we age and go through menopause, our hormones plumet causing low levels of Estradiol, Progesterone, IGF-1 and Testosterone. This causes our bodies to go into withdrawal including Hot flashes, night sweets , vaginal dryness and pain on intercourse. These symptoms are not only debilitating and depressing, they actually lead to early death. It is now well known that women who go through early menopause are much more likely to suffer heart attacks , strokes, osteoporotic fractures and even cancer. It is also now well established that hormones replacement therapy, especially Bio-Identical horomone replacement therapy can lead to a decrease in Heart attack, stroke and even Alzheimer’s disease.


Come learn more about our Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Clinic where Dr Almog Gal is certified in advanced BHRT. We offer pellets , and even have monthly membership starting at $139 a month.

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